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The Importance of Checking Tire Pressure - Grizzly Auto and Tire

September 27th, 2012

Checking your cars tire pressure is very important to the performance, handling, and life of your tire. It is especially important in the summer because the heat makes the air expand causing over inflation issues leading to a blowout.

Checking tire pressure is one of the most neglected services on a car. Some people would agree when we say that checking the pressure in your tires can take a bit of time and hassle. As troublesome as it is those few minutes and that little hassle can actually save you a lot more than you think. Having your tires at the recommended pressure can save you a lot such as fuel, money and the tires themselves.

The recommended tire pressure differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and the weight and dimensions of the vehicle. If you don't know the recommended pressure of your vehicles tires there are several ways you can find out. You can ask your trusted auto mechanic, your vehicles manual, or on the side of the driver side door.

Having a low or even a very high tire pressure can cause a lot of issues for your car. For instance, with low tire pressure it can wear your tires faster than usual. The reason being is that when its low the area of the tire that is in contact with the road is much wider. Another issue with a low tire is that it can make your car difficult to turn, since there is more resistance due to under inflation. A low tire can also mean that there is a slow leak and in due time it will eventually go completely flat. 

When you have your tire pressure too high it can also create several issues for your vehicles performance and handling. Having your tire pressure very high can make your car harder to turn, handle, and control. The reason being is that when the tire is over inflated the contact area of the tire to the road gets smaller which makes it harder for the tires to grip and handle like it should. Another issue with over inflation is when its hot air expands and since the tire is already over inflated it can cause your tire to blow up.

Another downfall for not checking your car's tire pressure is that it will shorten the life of your tire dramatically. The recommended time you should check your tire pressure is once a week for people who commute day to day and once a month for people who commute less. With all this being said checking and having your tire pressure at the right pressure can save you money, time, and stress. 

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